Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lovely for Less: Jonathan Adler rug

I love the look of these blue chevron rugs.

via Houzz

Recently I saw that the Johnathan Adler website has a really cool feature where you can design your own rug. Pick the size, pattern, background color, fabric, the whole shebang. I came up with this ...

The cost? $1050 for a 5x7. Hmmm.

Just so happens that Urban Outfitters sells this ....

The cost? $69.00 for a 5x7.

While I've finally come to the realization that I may be too old to shop for clothes at Urban Outfitters much longer (if it all?), they have a surprisingly swoon worthy collection of rugs and home decor items that certainly fall under the category Lovely for Less. Here's just a few I spied at first glance ...

CoCo Cabana Chair $189

Slipper chair $329
Industrial Vintage Rolling Side Table $169