Wednesday, May 4, 2011

pink sofa and rug living room new modern design ideas

pink sofa and rug living room new modern design ideas
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However, there are some architects and interior designers who realize this potential subtle hue. A good example of this in my home town, at the Alte-Pinakothek-Museum in Munich. It has a flight corridor is very long-like steps leading to the next floor. This section is very narrow, very high, completely out of proportion and windowless. If it had been painted white, this passage, the length of the curve would be scary to use. However, the architect responsible for the restoration of old buildings in this clever part is painted with very fine, a little gray pink. Even this step is made of marble in this hue. The result is most encouraging. You almost feel as though you are being carried up the stairs. Color scheme has completely counteracted the feeling oppressive.
By using soft colors, architects understand how to make architecture look much lighter weight by applying an opposite form of energy. By the way, in a room where the machine makes the sound of large, delicate pink color can help give the impression that it was quiet from reality. The tendency to give one side of the color attribute can be used to prevent corporate profits. Even the soft colors can look very strong depending on the task, the contrast and the environment. When we do not like the color, we concentrate on the negative aspects. Color psychologist, Dr. Heinrich Frieling, noting that those who reject the pale pink do not want to appear sensitive or sentimental. You can use a pale pink to your outfit too. Just as it softened the architecture, tough sturdy, will remind you to relax now and again when you face difficult situations.
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