Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things ...

When you look at the beautiful homes or rooms in design magazines, there is one thing that almost all of them have in common ... whether it's a kitchen or a bedroom, modern or traditional ... do you know what I'm talking about?

Elegant Homes

Elle Decor

It's that perfectly placed vase of flowers.


More often than not, it's a big, puffy ball of a single variety of blooms. 

While, obviously, the rooms themselves are wonderful eye-candy ... there's a reason why stylists always add the flowers.  They just bring life (literally and figuratively) to the room. 

I'm a big believer that flowers should not just be for special occasions or when company is coming over.  Anyone can get that "magazine-styled" look so easily. If you notice, none of the flowers I've featured here are perfectly "arranged" or look like they came from a florist.  A vase and a big bunch of the same kind of flower and voila .... anyone can make any of these arrangements.

Pick up flowers at the grocery store, Trader Joe's, your backyard.  It's like jewelry for your room .... or a great pair of shoes, or a spritz of perfume.  It's those little things we add on to an outfit or a room that just pulls everything together and makes you feel good.

House Beautiful

I have a few favorite go-to vases that are perfect for that big-puffy-ball-of-flowers look.  The one below I bought recently on Hautelook for $15.  I love the smokey blue-gray color, the texture and it's worn rustic look.  Unfortunately when it arrived, one of the handles was broken off.  I called to see if they could replace it but there were all sold out.  So they refunded my $15 AND gave me a $15 credit. So somehow I actually made money on this vase!?! I got out my super-glue and was able to put the handle back on. Since the vase has some imperfections anyway, it looks fine. Hydrangeas from Trader Joe's complete the look. 

Just a little something that makes me swoon ....