Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lovely for Less: Home Decorators

Do you get Home Decorators catalog in the mail?  If you look really closely, you'll see that they have quite a few ... shall we say ... replicas (sounds nicer than knockoffs)... of some pretty high end pieces you may have seen elsewhere. And some of them are pretty spectacular.  See for yourself ...
Sundance 1934 Dining Chair $245

Home Decorators Garden Chair $89

Layla Grace's Somerset Bay Essex Chest $3,461  

Home Decorator's Left Bank Chest $259 

Circa Lighting Stacked Ball Glass Table Lamp $1,190

Home Decorators Lafayette Table Lamp $249

Madeline Weinrib's Mandala Rug Beige and Blue (many, many thousands of dollars) 

Home Decorator's Rosa Area Rug Ivory and Navy $279 for a 5'x8" 

Neiman Marcus Arched Mirror $750

Home Decorators Amiel Arched Mirror $239

Restoration Hardware's Brickmaker's Coffee Table $1,360  

Home Decorator's Holbrook Coffee Table $329  

Circa Lighting Desmond Table Lamp $483

Home Decorators Adonis Table Lamp $129

Aidan Gray Cushion Le Jardin from Layla Grace $225

Home Decorators Louvre Square Cushion $24

Aiden Gray French Pillow from Layla Grace $105

Home Decorators Belle Jardiniere Pillow $34

 See ...  In some cases, I think I even like the Home Decorators version better.  It's a great lesson in decorating and something I think we all do in fashion as well.  We see an $800 dollar lamp or a $2000 dress that we love in a magazine. No, of course we're not going to buy it ... but we can be inspired by it to look for something with similar lines, colors, patterns, etc. that is a little more friendly to the pocketbook. 

What are some of your favorite "Lovely for Less" pieces?