Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 Fabulous Bedrooms - Color and Texture Inspirations

The bedroom is The Sanctuary. The place where you go to
hide from the world...Where you go to rest.
Here are 10 fabulous bedrooms that will hopefully brighten
your day and give you inspiration how you can spice up your

We start with this gorgeous turquoise room. Talk about color,
texture and layers. It's got it all.

I especially love the delicate floral patterns in this room.
Where can I find such a gorgeous duvet cover. Making
two panels and covering them with a gorgeous wallpaper
or fabric makes a great headboard. What's neat is that
the panels are vertical while most headboards are tall
or horizontal. A pair of old and ornate doors would also
make for a gorgeous headboard.

Who says wallpaper is out? It doesn't have to be.

The wallpaper is too busy for my taste. However the color
palette and the room arrangement are spot on. Can't go
wrong with a symmetrical look.

I love how romantic this bedroom feels. It's
got a vintage feel to it in a feminine way.

A close up of the nightstand area.

A tufted duvet cover adds instant luxe and romance.

Here's a clever way to use stencils to frame the
bed. It gives a much needed focus on the wall.

This would be a wonderful guest room.
Gray is so very soothing. I've really come
to love the color Gray.

The butterfly stencils are so fun. This is certainly
a fun and modern bedroom with Zen lines.

I have to admit that my obsession with plaid makes me
Adore the flooring in this room. It really gives the room
some extra pizazz and reminds of Ireland and the UK.

Which bedroom is your favorite? What color and style
is your bedroom? There are so many colors and styles
I love that it's hard for me to choose.

Photos from Ideal Home Magazine