Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trouvais, the beautiful blog que j'ai trouvé!

Today I certainly have to do this post about this wonderful blog that I discovered not so long ago!

Trish from the Blog Trouvais became one of my favourite bloggers. I know that a lof of you will have discovered her blog yet but for those who have not, I really have to recommand you to rush to her blog and enjoy all of her blogposts which are so inspiring! Trish gives us a lot of information about a lot of European and in particular about a lot of French antiques and more intresting items (even of my country Belgium)! In an elegant way Trish her posts are woven with a bit of history. Just wonderful!
I really want to thank Trish for mentionning me and my blog in one of her latest blogposts
You have to scroll down her blog to discover the most wonderful posts!
A few of my favourite posts (click on the titles to discover) :

Belgian garage

If you like to discover the Trouvais blogpost of today, please click on the image below.

Have a wonderful weekend!
all images : Trouvais blog