Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christophe Decarpentrie

Christophe Decarpentrie is one of our Belgian classical designers. Today I show you some pictures of a house in Belgium, in the neighbourhood of Ghent, of which he designed the interior a few years ago.
The house, in fact it is a little castle, was built at the end of the 18th century in the neoclassical English Regency style. It was totally renovated some years ago.

The house built in a neoclassical English Regency style.
Characteristic feature of that time were the bow-windows.

The entry hall was completely restored.
The floor was removed and replaced after restoration!

The antique lacquered screen is in perfect harmony with the black painted Regency chairs at the entrance hall (see picture above).

Detail of the floor.

In the round shaped living room the decorator had chosen for a floordesign that is as an "oversize" design of this in the entrance hall.
An antique Dutch cabinet in Empire style.

In the living room all tones of blue and grey. Notice the beautiful curtains! The sofas are all made-to-measure after an antique Napoleon III canapé.

The decorator is not afraid to bring in contemporary elements as this coffee table.

Wallpainting and furniture in blue and grey tones.

This console table is one of a pair.
One of them is an antique piece, the other is a conform copy!

In this room is placed a beautiful French 18th century woodpaneling!
Even the French marble mantelpiece is from the same period.

The armchairs are designed by Christophe Decarpentrie.

Again a contemporary element : an obelisk in a grey marble.

A view from inside the dining room to the kitchen.
Notice the beautiful French chandelier dated about 1820.

The kitchen with handpainted Portuguese wall tiles and French floortiles from the Provence.
The kitchen table has a basement from the Charles X period (19th century) and a marble top.

Beautiful painted chairs.

Library corner with mahogany cabinets and mirrors.

Study room.
A cachemire carpet in green and black tones in harmony with the draperies.

An antique English mahogany desk with Charles X characteristic table lamps.

The guest room with Indian influences.
The used yellow is named "yellow of Rajasthan".

The bath in the guest room.
A Moroccan lantern.

The master bathroom "à la romaine" with 17 antique columns in marble!

Marble everywhere!

A Roman bath with on top an English terra cotta bust (circa 1800) of a Roman arena fighter.

The bronze squirts are designed by the American designer Barbara Greenway.

I hoped you enjoyed meeting Christophe Decarpentrie!
All images : Magazine Evénement Décoration 1999 issue.