Monday, October 26, 2009

A Gorgeous Rustic San Franciscan Loft - Ken Fulk Design

I've always thought industrial lofts were very very cool spaces.
This loft in San Francisco has a lot of wood in it giving it a rustic
feel. It is designed by San Franciscan design extraordinaire
Ken Fulk
who is the designer of choice to many tech moguls in
San Francisco.

A kitchen complete with a full counter dining space.

The kitchen is outfitted with a very glossy
modern red look. The wooden barstools
soften the space with a natural element.

A second table that can be used as a meeting
or working space that is open to the rest of
the living space.

Here's another look at the table from another angle.

I especially love the look and feel of the sofas and
the coffee table made from reclaimed wood.

The loft has a fantastic view and the sofas look like they
were made to snuggle up in. I imagine that the sofas would
be very comfortable to sleep in as well as they are very deep.

A canopy bed was used in the bedroom.

Crisp white sheets and a clean white duvet
make the bed look modern and inviting.

The guest bedroom off of the main
living space also offers beautiful views.

I certainly wouldn't mind staying in a guest bedroom like this.

Another look at the guest bedroom.

A makeshift bars space with rustic accents.

Isn't the space fun in an eclectic rustic sense?

Would you live in a loft?