Monday, July 19, 2010

A Colorful and Fun Office and Hobby Room

These home owners did a fantastic job of turning a very common and 
mundane basement into a colorful and bright office and hobby room
with every day materials.  The space is not huge but they make good
use of the space with a good floor plan.

The colorful walls are simply peel and stick carpet floor tiles.  Not
only does it give the room a punch of color but it can double as 
a bulletin board.  The desks and peninsula are made of MDF 

The bottom half of the wall is covered with beaded board 
and gives the room a nice detail and finish to the walls.

They used old scrabble boards with Scrabble 
tiles to caption and frame photos.

An inexpensive way to make wall art is to take a set of photos, prints,
 or in this case cards and pin them on the wall in an orderly fashion.

Believe it or not, this electronics charging station used to be
a bread box.  Holes were drilled at the bottom for the cords
to come through.  Clever isn't it?

One way to make a space uncluttered is to not store anything
on the desk or counter space - take it all away by storing the
supplies and tools in drawers or lifting it off the ground and 
storing it on the wall like in the image above.

What I especially love about this peg board is that it is clear 
and made of acrylic.  It is very modern and lets the colors of
the supplies pop up.

Hmmm do I see 1970's popcorn ceiling?  The owners were actually
very clever in using patterns and colors that didn't make the popcorn
ceiling stand out.  If there isn't any space in the ceiling to install 
recessed lighting, track lighting is a definite solution around that 

Have a container for everything.

Chair covers make a great way to put some color in a space.

If any of you have hobbies or crafts and art projects on the side
but need some inspiration to get organized and get started...
Creative Time and Space is a wonderful book to help you in
 the mindset, get organized and to get started.

Photos from DIY