Thursday, July 22, 2010

New York City Based Designer Brad Ford's Manhattan Apartment

I really love the way earth tones are used in this apartment.  Brad Ford is a New 
York City based designer whose Manhattan apartment is showcased in this post.

The natural light coming into the apartment is just fantastic.  
There is really no substitute for natural sunlight in a home.

I love the interesting image on the wall and I adore
the velvet covered modern styled Scandinavian chair
even more.

The organic looking wood pieces of furniture in the living 
space really helps the place feel more homey and inviting.

Super adorable child!

Space is a commodity in Manhattan and this is a nicely laid
out open floor plan for a modest kitchen and a great dining

What a fantastic table setting.  It has a very natural and organic
vibe to it - the aesthetic reminds me of a lot of ceramics and table 
settings that are used in Japan.  Understated elegance in a natural and 
organic sort of way.

Another interesting photo at the top of the kitchen cabinets 
and having a lower table in the kitchen area is always useful
for keeping an eye on kids or chatting with company while
tinkering in the kitchen.

I'm a sucker for sheepskin and soft materials.

Bet most of children's rooms don't look like this.  
But it's fantastic isn't it?  Elegant, cozy and simple.

Convertible crib into a miniature bed and a fantastic map of the world
above.  I grew up with a map on my wall as well and loved it.  It helped
me greatly improve my geography and since I love travel, I love sticking
pins in the places I've been and look forward to new places to visit every

A great angle for the bedroom.

Here you can see how minimalistic it is - but the bed looks comfortable.
Hope you've enjoyed this house tour.  What did you like best about this

Photos from Lonny Magazine