Friday, July 16, 2010

Make an Art Project out of Painting a Chair

Since we're on the subject of outdoor spaces, why not do a post on 
creative outdoor chairs?  It's amazing what just paint can do to a room
or a chair in this case.  I'm not artist but stencils and other tricks make
painting or decorating a chair fun an easy.

You can take any sort of outdoor seating and spruce it up.

As such.  It doesn't need to be perfect and it can really
add some pizazz to a set of tables or chairs.

All you need is an outdoor space where you can spray paint, either some 
paint brushes or the proper type of paint or spray paint and some tools to 
help you paint such as tape or stencils just to name a couple of examples. 
There are a lot of things around the house that one can use as a stencil such 
as paper doilies, lace, cut outs or more.  You can make your own as well 
by cutting out shapes with thick paper.

This one has a particularly summer feel to it with the fruit.

It's hard to go wrong with stripes.

Polk a Dots perhaps?

Or bring out the inner artist in you.

Even plastic chairs?  Why not?

Shabby Chic outdoor store style?  Here you go.

A wooden bench paired with a bright colored seat pad.

I always love a large scale focus or motif.  

Hope this post and these examples have inspired you to make your own
art project out of an outdoor chair.  Definitely a way to have fun and 
make something go from bleh to spectacular.  So how about it?

Photos from Do It Yourself