Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Pictures

The back room which I have named the sunroom is proving to be a favourite amongst customers.

Above and below you can see the desk tutu which I designed for my office and my inspiration board too.

Melanie and I designed the lampshade wall light which has fabric both on the inside and outside and is suspended from a white painted bracket. This is in our new stairwell which leads from the shop to our design studio.

We now have a bedroom on display in the store as above.

Here are some more photos of the new store. I have a few more to come from my photographer which will be much nicer than these snaps I have taken so I'll post those when I get them. Thank you so much for all of your positive and kind comments. It certainly is a dream come true having the store look like this.

PS. A huge thank you to all of those amazing bloggers out there who have posted about our new store. You are all so kind!!xx