Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Fab London Home with Pops of Pink

Despite a grueling tour in Spain and becoming ill, I am now back at home.  I will post more about my trip.  In the meantime, I adore how colorful this fabulous London home is with all the pops of pink everywhere.  Chocolate and Jewel toned pink do indeed go together.

The home has great lighting,

 and Very roomy living space as you can see here.  Although, it really could use with some divisions to divide up the space just a bit.

 The home boasts a light and airy modern kitchen.
 With a fantastic sun room for a dining area.


 Get a load of this rug!  I love the unusual color.
  I adores Union Jacks.  The Union Jack and very bright pink rug is paired with more traditional French styled furniture such as the bed and a contemporary chaise lounge.  Eclectic but fun.  The white floor boards make a great backdrop for the pops of color.

  Did you notice the fabulous chandelier and very romantic armoire?

  The bathroom is just as spacious with the pops of pink carried through.

This room seems like a throwback to the 70s.  Love the sheepskin on the chair - great way to make a chair more comfy and cozy.

Doesn't the house look great from the back?  
Which was your favorite room or element?

Photos from 1st Option