Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Tour in Spain - September 2010

I must apologize for my delay in posting as I am now on holiday with my 
mother and aunt in Spain.  Actually, it's more like a whirlwind tour (waking 
up at 6:30AM - 7AM every morning is not what I call not a leisure vacation...) 
In this post I wanted to just give all of you a taste of the places 
we are touring through including Cuenca, Valencia and Peniscola.

Cuenca is a gorgeous - ages old city southeast of Madrid.  It is 
famous for its' "hanging houses" as you can see above (houses 
built into a cliff so it looks as if it is hanging from the cliff.)  The
city itself is a gem and has fabulous houses and cobble stones.

These are not my own photos but I will share some 
of my own after I return from my trip. 

Here's a fantastic view of the old city of Cuenca (as with most older 
towns and cities in Spain, there is an old and a new portion to the city.)

Valencia built a series of gorgeous aquariums, museums, botanical
gardens, concert halls and more.  Stunning modern architecture.

Side by side with the old. Valencia is a very pretty city with
beaches and a port.  It was the site of America's Cup in 2007.

Peniscola is about 1.5 hours south of Barcelona (North of Valencia) and is a very 
popular Spanish seaside resort.  Many people from hotter areas of Spain such as
Seville go to Peniscola to escape the summer heat.  Peniscola is blessed with the
perfect weather for a seaside resort without it being too hot.  It comes complete 
with it's own fort which is where this image was taken from (from Google Images.)

If any of you have watched the 1961 film "El Cid" starring Charles Heston 
and Sophia Loren, it was filmed in Peniscola, Spain.  Some of the houses 
within the fort reminded me of the white washed blue window/rooves of 
the houses on Santorini (Greek Island.)

It's a wonderful place to relax on the beach and take a nice long nap.  
Definitely worth a visit.  I will try to post again soon but in case my posts
don't seem regular, it's because I'm away and will not be home for about
2 weeks. Any of you visited the places above?  

Photos from Google Images