Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Twist on a Traditional Look

I'm always excited when a new issue of Lonny, the online magazine, goes live, and this latest issue did not disappoint.   Amongst all of the serious eye candy, one of the images I have stuck in my head was this one from a home designed by decorator Lisa Sherry.

First of all, I love the "trail" of plates on the wall. I kind of have a thing for beautiful plates ... so many are truly pieces of art that they just don't deserve to be hidden in a cabinet. And while hanging plates on a wall is not a new idea, you typically see them hung in a row or symmetrically around a mirror. Likewise, they are often from the same "set."

I love how this wall breaks all of those rules.  A tried, true and traditional look gets to kind of take it's hair down, so to speak ... a much more interesting and whimsical makeover.

This idea is perfect for people, like me, who could never decide on just one pretty plate, but rather have a collection gathered over time. How fun would it be to shop for these at flea markets and your favorite little stores?

I do recognize several of them from Anthropologie, where I myself have often spent too much time sifting through the stacks and stacks of  gorgeous plates and wondering what I could do with them.

Flowers mixed with octopus, fish, and plaid stripes. Somehow it all works.

The other aspect of this photo that made me swoon was the vintage laundry-cart-turned-portable-bar. How genius is that? I love the place for hand towels and all the space for bottles below.  Again, most people wouldn't consider putting such a large lamp on such a relatively small table, but I think it elevates the piece from just a little cart to a serious piece of furniture, very Mad Men, if you ask me.

For more bar car inspiration, check out the amazing collection at 1stdibs and start conjuring up your own Mad Men scenario.

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