Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Belgian artisans

Today I want to introduce you to 2 Belgian people, both artisans and creative in the outdoor sector.


Stijn Cornilly is a Belgian landscaper, creative in the design and construction of stylish, low maintenance gardens.

“An important specialization of our green business is bringing structure and strength in the garden.
Boxwood, holly and yew are ideally suited as basic elements for a good garden design. They are a permanent fixture in the garden.
A fixed value of remaining strength and decorative green opposite example, the colors of seasonal flowers and plants.” explains Styn Cornilly on his website.


Stijn Cornilly 8

Inside and outside are increasingly interconnected charged. Walls are no longer barriers. The landscaper creates a natural transition between interior and exterior. In his garden design he will take into account the style of house and home. Only then will be your green oasis a nice extension of the house.

Stijn Cornilly 3

To me he is a promising landscaper and I am an admirer of his work. Enjoy the pictures and judge for yourself what you think about the work of Stijn Cornilly!

Stijn Cornilly 6

Stijn Cornilly 02

Stijn Cornilly 9


Stijn Cornilly 2

If you want to see more of Stijn Cornilly’s work, please visit his website HERE.


Landscape and garden designer





Source : all images website Stijn Cornilly – Photo credit : unknown



The second person that I want you to meet today, is a master at designing and construction of beautiful farm buildings, fences and accessories, all related to the traditional Flemish country outdoor living and landscape architecture : Dirk Mortier.

His company is based in Everbeek-Beneden (Brakel) only a few steps from my home.

“When designing I strive for simple and pure concepts without unnecessary decorations. They hark back to the essential uses creating a strong and sober design arises. Many operations done with authentic tools and machinery. Thus we achieve a true-striking result. Behind our achievements of scenic beauty is a profound story of craft, use and culture.” explains Dirk Mortier on his website.


Mortier 19

Rural architecture is characterized by including in the area available materials like stone, straw, wood, clay, etc. .. The use and application of these materials is a local process of thousands of years of experience and Dirk Mortier continues this traditional method - adapted to the current objectives.


Mortier 1 The artisan at work.


Mortier 2 A work in progress.

Mortier 3 Finished outbuilding.


Mortier 6

A lot of attention to details!

Mortier 16 

The charming animal shelters of Dirk Mortier contribute in every way to the picturesque romantic atmosphere of your garden.

Mortier 10 A gorgeous hen house.


Mortier 8 A bird cage.

Fences and gates.

Mortier 11

Mortier 13


Mortier 18 A beautiful garden tool cabinet.


For more gorgeous images of Dirk Mortier’s creations in the Flemish traditional way, please visit his website HERE.


Traditional outbuildings, fences and accessories





Source : all images website Dirk Mortier – Photo credit : unknown


I have to admit that I'm still very proud of our Belgian artisans, and this blog ables me to introduce them to you, my readers, and to the world! And I am so pleased about that!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Sunday and a nice start of the new week!