Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Walls...Black Rooms...Punk, Goth or Glam with an Edge?

A couple years ago, I started getting into black walls and
black rooms...I even painted my guest bathroom black.
This was after I lost the battle at home to paint the guest
bedroom black. Granted, it's not the usual color to paint
a bedroom or any room for that matter - but black as a
room color can definitely work. Take the above room for
instance, who would ever think of pairing this ornate bed
with black lacquered walls? But it works and to me it's
glam and chic with an edge.

Here's a room where the black bed frame blends into the
black walls and ceiling. It's actually pretty neat. Even the
bench, rug and door frame is painted black. The gray flooring
and white bedding give some contrast to an otherwise very
black room.

This room is painted all black except for the window frames.
The white desk and white bed linens help temper this space.

Black textured wallpaper on one wall can make quite a
statement without painting the entire room black.

Black and bright yellow. You can also pair black with
other bright colors where it can really make a color pop.

Metallics will always look good against black.

This is Jennifer's bedroom (Made by Girl). She makes
fantastic stationary and we share a common penchant
for the union jack. Isn't her bedroom cool?

This kitchen is from Domino magazine. I don't know
about you but I don't see many kitchen walls and ceilings
painted black - but this really seems to work. Painting
kitchen walls and cabinets with chalkboard paint has also
been popular lately. You can achieve a similar affect with it
and have the benefit of being able to use the wall as a
chalkboard - pretty nifty if you ask me.

Black can make instantly create the "cool" factor
in any room. It can also make a room feel cozy
like this great lounging space where the wall
disappears into the ceiling.

Sky blue with black and white - black
and be a great neutral color.

This photo by Ted Yearwood showcases
an all black bathroom - even the door
is black.

The black marble and crystal scones in this
bathroom really make for a swanky and high
end bathroom. Can't forget the lacquered walls
for some shine and glam.

I just love how smooth and shiny the black
walls are in this bathroom. The single yellow
chair in this room really creates visual interest.

My Favorite and My Best has a great post on the
black rooms and walls in her home. Definitely
check it out.

What do you think of painting a room black?
Would you dare?

A big thank you to Terri Sapienza for featuring