Monday, July 13, 2009

Robin's Egg Blue and Tiffany Blue

The color Robin's Egg Blue comes from the blue eggs
that the American Robin lays. The first recorded use
of the name of this color was in the 1870's. It is also
the inspiration for Tiffany's trademark color. Did you
know that Tiffany has trademarked the name of the
color Robin's Egg Blue? I thought I might showcase
some variations of this color in different rooms. It's a
very popular and very beautiful color.

I've never seen this color used in a kitchen but I must
say that the kitchen above with the Robin's Egg Blue,
dramatic chandelier with white counter tops is quite

Many of you have already seen Mary McDonald's
gorgeous office which is painted with Robin's Egg Blue.
Doesn't it look like a Tiffany's box? Just gorgeous.

Here's an interesting combination of Robin's Egg
Blue with a light olive shade of green. I never
would have thought to pair these two colors
together, but it does work. It gives the traditional
setting a bit of a modern feel. Very nice.

Here's a lighter shade of Robin's Egg Blue with brown.

The blue on the ceiling actually has more of a grey
tone to it. Paired with light brown, white and pops
of bright color - it makes for a very nice library or
sitting room.

This paint job with contrasting outlines on the walls
creates a lot of visual interest and some depth.

A wonderful blend of traditional furniture in a
modern home. The blue backdrop makes for
a lovely neutral in this particular room.

This is a really gorgeous guestroom. A light shade of
Robin's egg blue on the wall with deeper pillows. I love
the natural material used on the bench.

Don't like the color or look of your old brick wall?
How about a paint job? The blue did wonders for
this wall.

A soothing nursery in a light robin egg blue.
The hot pink rug really makes a statement!

Robin's Egg Blue can fit just as well with traditional
furnishings. This room is proof that it can be a great
neutral backdrop when paired right with other colors.

The color can be very soothing.

Do you like Robin's Egg Blue or Tiffany Blue? Would
you do a room in this color?

Stay tuned for Thursday's post - there will be a follow
up with paint color samples for those of you interested
in painting a room in Robin's Egg Blue.