Thursday, July 30, 2009

How about Colorful Chalkboard Paint?

Chalkboard paint has been really becoming popular lately.
Although the above is one of my favorite images that illustrate
the use of chalkboard paint, one does not have to go all out
and paint an entire room in chalkboard paint - although this
shows how it really can work. Did you notice that even the
ceiling is painted in chalkboard paint? I thought that was
pretty unique.

Hallways and doors are excellent for painting with
chalkboard paint as well.

How about the front door?

This entry hall is very cleverly done with just the top
of of the room and the ceiling painted with chalkboard
paint. I love the pink/peach juxtaposed against the
dark paint. The beautiful chalk swirls and cursive letters
really do make a big statement.

Painting a teenager's room in chalkboard can
be fun.

And of course, it's absolutely perfect for kid's
or children's rooms.

This is an interesting wall that separates
the kid's beds from the main living space.
By painting the dividing wall with chalkboard
paint, it effectively creates a great play space.

I really thought this was very clever. Ever get
tired of craning your neck at the cookbook while
trying a recipe? Well now you can literally write
the recipe on your kitchen wall. Painting the kitchen
backsplash with chalkboard paint can come out with
unexpected benefits.

Here's a more traditional and rustic kitchen
paired with green chalkboard walls. I adore
the old door used for the pantry.

Isn't this a hoot? Bathroom graffiti is the
way to go.

This post was actually inspired by Hudson Paint. What's
unique about their chalkboard paint is the many bright
colors it comes in (as you can see from the color palette
above.) They give some great tidbits about using chalk-
board paint here.

I think a great point to remember that outside of painting
on a smooth surface, remember that not all chalk is made
equal. Here's a piece of advice from Hudson Paint about
using chalk.

Chalk sticks are not all equal, some are very hard, some
contain wax or oils which make them difficult to
erase, try
different brand for best results.

Some examples and ways to use Hudson paint
from their site. I love how they mixed colors
to make a grid for this mudroom.

A child's room or play room is fantastic for colorful
chalkboard paint. How often have you seen an orange
chalkboard? Pretty fun and cool.

An office is a great place to use chalkboard paint as well.
Here we have an entire wall with a red chalkboard.

This photos is just for fun where a school painted one
of their halls entirely in green chalkboard paint.

Remember the chalkboard paint isn't just for walls, you
can use it on all sorts of mediums such as furniture or even
appliances. I'll have follow posts on this in the future. So
how about it, would you consider using chalkboard paint in
your home?

Photos from Hudson Paint, Apartment Therapy,
Style-Files,, Lowes and