Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Gorgeous Loft &Trine Thorsen Photograpy

This gorgeous loft was photographed by Scandinavian
photographer Trine Thorsen. The loft is spacious and
entirely gorgeous with bright light and purple/plum

I've Totally fallen for the gorgeous dark
wood floors. How cool is that? The cement
gives the loft a more industrial feel and I
like how open and bright it is.

A gorgeous platform tatami bed (tatami are
tightly woven matts that the Japanese use
for flooring and for their beds. I just love the
rich, deep magenta color on the wallpaper.

Great shot of the bed using the mirror.

Here's another bedroom in the loft. As you
can see, this area uses a lighter flooring that
has a hint of grey in it.

I love mercury glass and those are a pair
of gorgeous mercury glass candle sticks.

My favorite part of this area is the very
natural and organic looking table. It's
got a rustic style to it and just gorgeous.

Danish Modern

If any of you fancy the Scandinavian sense
of design, you may be interested in some
of these books. Danish modern design blends
incredibly well with contemporary, modern and
organic designs.

Living With Light:
Decorating the Scandinavian Way

Lots of light, bright and white is another
way the Scandinavians design.

Scandinavian Modern

How do you feel about Scandinavian design?