Thursday, July 16, 2009

Robin's Egg Blue & Tiffany Blue - Part II

Tiffany's is one of the world's most recognized brands when
it comes to silver and jewelry. They are a company that has
pretty much branded themselves by the use of a single color.
Everyone knows exactly what they are looking at when they
see a "Tiffany Blue" box.

Over the years, Tiffany has had many advertisements
that have reinforced their branding through this color.

Just as Hermes has orange boxes, Tiffany's
color is unique on it's own.

The Tiffany Blue color is inspired by the eggs of the
American Robin. As I mentioned in my first post,
Tiffany has copyrighted the color "Robin's Egg Blue."

The eggs are of an an unusual but memorable color.

The hue is really quite beautiful.

Robin's Egg Blue runs the gammit of darker and lighter shades.
Some having more green and other shades with more blue. The
closest color family is probably teal or turquoise which is a mix
of blue and green.

Isn't the above kitchen just gorgeous? That's like Tiffany Blue
refrigerator if I didn't know any better :P The above kitchen was
featured in Coastal Living.

I couldn't help but throw some more rooms in for inspiration.
This one is from House to Home. I really love the color of the
bed spread.

Featured in O at Home

If you love anything related to teal or turquoise, I've got
just the blog for you. Erin runs a fantastic blog called
House of Turquoise which is a blog that solely focuses on
turquoise rooms, furnishings and accents. Many of today's
room photos are from her blog.

This kitchen was designed by Carter Kay. You can check
out the reset of the house on House of Turquoise. You may
recognize some of the other photos from this home.

Just when you didn't think things could get any
better...Out pops a gorgeous space by Steven
Gambrel. I swear I've never seen a room or house
this man has designed that I didn't like. He uses
many different shades of blue and turquoise in this

Here's a really fun room from BH&G.

Fits well in a country home.

I never thought to pair bright yellow with Robin's
Egg Blue but it looks fantastic. It definitely gives
this room some pizzaz.

From Anna Spiro's gorgeous blog, Absolutely
Beautiful Things.

This dining room is SUPER gorgeous.
I love all of the moldings and the color
scheme is to die for.

Especially the table setting and flowers with
the purple and bright green motif against
the blue green walls. Just breathtaking.

Given the response to my Robin's Egg Blue post on
Monday (Robin's Egg Blue & Tiffany Blue), some readers
wrote in for more inspiration and paint recommendations.

If any of you are looking for inspiration for paint
colors, this website is really useful. It's called
My Perfect Color. The site can help you match
any color including.... drumroll please - the
Tiffany Blue color which is above. You can get
sample paint cans to try it out before purchasing.

Do remember that colors don't always look the same
on a computer monitor as they do in real life. If you're
unsure, using sample paint cans to paint samples on your
wall is great way to go before committing.

Here's a hue with a little more blue in it.
It's Sherwin Williams 1759 Bleu.

Here's a color match for
Sears Robin's Egg Blue.

A related but slightly darker version from
Martha Stewart C25 Robin's Egg Blue.

Color Match from
Sico 6160-21
Robin's Egg Blue

Color Match from
Porter Paints 15575-1
Sea Sky

Sherwin Williams 1767
Glue Glacier

Behr 2076 Glacial Seas

Here's a lighter hue with more blue in it.
This would be wonderful for a nursery and
it's available from any Home Depot.

If you can't decide between two colors of the
same hue, you can choose the lighter one and
simply paint on more coats to achieve the shade
that you want.
Tiffany Blue Taffeta at $29 per yard.
How about this Ice Blue DS Lite? Pretty cool.

Tiffany'sTable Manners
For Teenagers

Couldn't help but throw this book in
by Tiffany as it looks pretty interesting.
I wonder if it has any good advice in it
for teaching teenagers about manners.

If any of you have rooms in Robin Egg's
Blue or Tiffany Blue, please send photos