Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cath Kidston's London Home

Cath Kidston is a textile and home accessories mogul from London. 
She is well known for her vintage inspired floral prints and polk-a-dot
textiles and accessories.  In the most recent issue of Lonny magazine,
she opened her London home up and it I must say that it is a very fun
home filled with all the items she loves.

She is not shy when it comes to using bold colors.

I love the chartreuse fabric on the chair.

Her home is very much a home that is lived in.

Classic Cath Kidston styled pillow.

You can tell that Cath loves to scour flea markets
for many of her treasure and inspirations.

Cath had a small toilet room done up in a collage. I 
suppose one certainly wouldn't be bored in this bathroom...

Cath Kidston started her line with exactly this type of floral
designs and motifs - around the door and inside the room.

The floral pattern is not dense and it is tempered 
by a white floor and white accessories.

The bathroom is classic white and has a 
very clean and comfortable feel to it.

Of course paired with Cath Kidston toiletries...

Cath Kidston plate.

Now that is one expansive dining room - 
one could definitely hold a party here!

She has a gorgeous backyard and a large one at that for being in town.

Cath Kidston has a number of books in print but I think
this book of hers fairs better in my humble opinion. 

Here' a sneak peak into her book.  She has great ideas
and inspiration for what to do with vintage fabric.

I personally would have trouble doing up an entire room
in floral patterns, however I do love having a touch of
floral here and there.  Cath Kidston has a wonderful and
fun home.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of her home as 
much as I did.  

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Could you do an entire room in
floral patterns?