Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kitchen pottery

If you are like me and you love beautiful kitchen pottery than you will love these inspirational images!

The French Provençal pottery is my favorite! When we are in the south of France, I always love to visit the town Vallauris where you can find beautiful pottery and I never can’t resist buying a few pots, plates or cups!

The long, distinguished heritage of beautiful Provençal ceramics has its roots in the earth. The topography of Provence is richly larded with large deposits of high-quality clay, pink or red mostly, but occasonally white, a natural resource that from time to time of the Roman Empire inspired a vast production of handmade earthenware and faience : pots, vases, pitchers, plates, cups, and all kind of tiles. From the 17th century, ceramics ateliers flourished from the mountains of northern Provence south to the sea. They centered in towns that grew up near the clay deposits :Aubagne,Apt,Moustiers-Sainte-Marie,Dieulefit,Salernes,Varages,Biot,Vallauris, and west across the Rhône in Uzes and Anduze.



Foto 1

A Mediterranean styled kitchen!



Foto 10

Beautiful pitchers!



Foto 2

Wouldn’t you love to have such a beautiful cupboard filled with pottery ?


Foto 7



Foto 3

Love the pitchers on the shelf.



Foto 11



Foto 6



Foto 16



Foto 4



Foto 12



Foto 15




Foto 13

You can find a lot of table lamps now which are made of the ceramic pitchers.



Foto 9 



Foto 20




Foto 8




Foto 21

If you don’t use the pottery for cooking or baking, you can bring them in as decorative items.



Foto 5

Even the white or creamy pottery looks gorgeous, isn’t it?



Foto 14



Foto 17

A few weeks ago I bought a pot as this one here on the image (brown and yellow colored) which is standing now on my kitchen table.



Foto 19

Look at the color palette used here in this kitchen. Would the colors have been chosen in function of the pottery of vice versa??

I just love this!



Foto 18



Foto 22

Wouldnt you love to go baking a cake when you see this cake tin?

Bon appetit !




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