Thursday, August 26, 2010

New York City Abodes - A Sampling of Blue & Green Diamond Baratta Designs

Diamond Baratta Design is a fantastic interior design
firm based in New York City.  This post shows selections
of their work in New York City from the magazine New 
York Spaces.  For those of you Turquoise, Teal or Blue
lovers, this is a great post for you.

Such a gorgeous rug and carpet!

Beautiful blues.

Pattern on Pattern.

Perfect way to match wall art to hardware 
(in this case the pendant light fixture.)

A pop of turquoise with brown.  Not a color combinaton
one would normally think of but it definitely works.

I'm a big fan of using photography as wall art.

This could have been such a drab space but 
Diamond and Baratta did no neglect it - 
instead they really dressed it up with glass
panel walls in blue.

If you like the aesthetics of Diamond Baratta designs,
you'll really enjoy this book that has great samples of
their work.

So what was your favorite item or room?

Photos from New York Spaces magazine