Monday, August 9, 2010

A Very Cool Industrial and Rocking Office: A Look Into Blend Studios

I couldn't resist sharing this rocking office space on Apartment
Therapy.  This work space belongs to Blend Studios that is 
located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The 1,300 sq ft space is 
designed is custom designed and takes the style of industrial 
design to the max.  Very cool and in very good taste.  The wall 
treatment is spot on.

Metal, wood and brick always pretty 
much fit in with this type of style.

Very fitting the architectural style of the building which 
was probably an industrial building to begin with.

A steel look and glass give it a modern and updated look.

The office has great natural light coming in from the windows.

But you can tell at night, it still has great ambiance.

Spotlights and open light bulbs really help 
give a thoughtful moodiness to the space.

Lighting is such an important element that many 
people overlook when designing their spaces.

Just because it's a hip and cool industrial space 
doesn't mean you can't use a damask pattern.

The space looks cool with light or with the shades drawn.

I hope you liked the work space as much as I did and that 
you were able to get some good creative ideas from it.  In 
the mean time, I'm always interested and envious of people 
who work in those famous corporations known for their 
wacky and cool office design.  This book (I Wish I Worked 
There!) showcases many companies that are considered to 
have very creative and offbeat offices.