Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Aftermath

There are so many people here whose homes and businesses are completely wrecked.  People have lost loved-ones and some people have absolutely nothing left. 

My family and I are so lucky and so thankful.  Our homes and businesses have been unaffected.  However, a lot of our friends and clients have been directly affected.

The concept of the cleanup is just so hard to even contemplate.  There is going to be mud everywhere tomorrow and apparently the smell is horrible. 

I am concerned about a few of the businesses we deal with like our upholsterer and our furniture painter.  Their workshops are in the worst effected areas.  I have been trying to contact them to offer our services in the clean-up but I have been unsuccessful so far.

I have decided to re-open Black & Spiro tomorrow as I think we have to try to move on and try to resume life as normal.  People like our upholsterer and furniture painter are going to need us to send them lots of business so that they can get back on their feet therefore, we need to re-open as soon as possible. 

I was so glad to read that most of my favourite Brisbane bloggers are okay too.  We are the lucky ones and we need to reach out and help everyone else try to reccover from this unbelievable disaster.