Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flemish house in Bruges


Bruges, the most beautiful city of Belgium and which is called “Venice of the North”, has next to the gorgeous mediaeval houses in the city center, beautiful charming Flemish country houses.

This post is about one of these typical romantic Flemish houses.

Some pictures of the mediaeval part of Bruges.

Brugge 1Bruges ( source unknown-my files)

Brugge 5Bruges (source unknown-my files)

Brugge 4Bruges (source unknown-my files)

Brugge 2Bruges (source unknown-my files)

Brugge 3Bruges (source unknown-my files)


The country house in Bruges


The house has a bricked façcade which is, after been totaly cleaned, repainted in white. Charming isn’t it?



The entry of the house has an antique oak panelling.



The living room is decorated in the old Flemish way with an antique wood carved chimney piece.

The doors of the cabinetry are made of reclaimed elm wood. The doors are washed and waxed.

Reclaimed parquet floor.



A pine wooden dining table and French LXV chairs.

Bright painted walls to contrast with the darker wood of the parquet floor and furniture.

You notice that the house is decorated in a more modest way, the decoration is not overdone, which is a characteristic of Flemish interiors. You will always notice some charming objects  ‘objects with a soul’ and a choice for rather simply designed furniture.




A glazed antique double door towards the kitchen. Belgian blue stone for the kitchen countertops. French “Pierre de Bourgogne” floor.



The French Pierre de Bourgogne floor tiles.



The painted panelling behind the bed repeats the shape of the windows.

Beautiful chosen bed linen.



Behind the reclaimed poplar door is hidden the powder room.



The children’s room with Belgian bedlinen and linen slipcovered seats.



Table dressed to enjoy having tea in the romantic garden of the house.


Reading my earlier posts about Belgian architecture and houses, one of my readers asked me if there are only big houses to see in Belgium?!  Oh no, there are a lot of lovely smaller houses who are so charming and so pleasant to live in.

A house needn’t to be big to be beautiful! Smaller houses can be so much more cozy and warm to live in. Aren’t you agree with me?

I hope that today you learned something more about Belgian design and interiors!



Image credits : Patrick Smith

Image source : here