Monday, January 24, 2011

A beautiful Belgian farm house

I love to tell and to show you a lot about Belgian architecture and interior design, so that you all become more and more familiar with it, my dear readers!

Today I am talking about a Belgian farm house, that is one of my all times favorites.

The house is new built but thanks to all the reclaimed materials, the owners brought in, it looks aged and very authentic!

Ingrid Segers and Annemie Coppens, the owners of the building company Porte Bonheur, and even the owners of this house, together with the decorator Natalie Haegeman, have done a wonderful job.


The house has a limed façade and the home extension is built with reclaimed oak.

Reclaimed Belgian roof tiles, which we call here “Boomse pannen”.


The use of steel windows and doors are one of the characteristics of Belgian architecture. I wrote about this HERE.

4 The kitchen dinner corner.

Even the interior of the house has an aged appearance because of the antique and aged furniture the owners and decorator have chosen for. I love it!

The architectural plans of the house were designed to match the old doors which the owners bought long ago before the house was built. The door between the living room and the kitchen is an old stable door.

Even the exterior as the interior of this house are so charming and cozy, which creates such a familiar atmosphere!

Natalie Haegeman, a decorator of Antwerp, ( I wrote a blogpost of Natalie earlier (HERE) ), was asked to create a warm and inviting interior! She did it in an outstanding way, by choosing beautiful aged furniture, carpets and fabrics!

Natalie is also specialized in custom made lampshades. Her website of these remarkable shades will soon be on line HERE. So she took care of the sconces, the floor and table lamps. Sometimes she used old pots that she transformed into beautiful table lamps.

Remarkable are the aged stools, placed around in this house. Very practical if all your friends are coming over!


Beautiful combination of the oak table and wicker chair.

Aged oak boards used as flooring.


“Although the chosen colors for the interior are held rather subdued, this antique secretary is an eye catcher.” explains Natalie. “It is an antique piece of furniture that is crooked, but it has the perfect look for this house.”

Notice the sconce with one of Natalie’s custom made shades.


The applied tadelakt technique gives the bathroom a rural and natural look.

Well-meant congratulations to Ingrid, Annemie and Natalie with their gorgeous, successful project, which is a wonderful example of the Belgian rural architectural design.

I hope you enjoyed this farm house tour of today and I wish you all a wonderful week!



Architectural design by Porte Bonheur

Interior design by Natalie Haegeman

Images scanned Belgian magazine Wonen Landelijke Stijl – oktober-november 2008

Photo credit : Bieke Claessens