Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All about Belgian Kitchen Design

Image 1 (source unknown)

Passing through my file of images of kitchens, I have to conclude that in Belgian kitchen designs , a lot of returning features can be noticed!

On the basis of the images of my post of today, I'll try to explain a few characteristics of Belgian kitchens.

A couple of years ago, we have known the phenomenon "cocooning". People love to enjoy the warmth and cosiness of the protective area of their home and they invited their friends into their "cocooning" world. Friends are allowed to be part of the family-own habits and to share the intimicy of their home.

This engagement involved a transfer of the earlier accent on the formal dining room to that on the social gathering kitchen room. More and more, kitchens became the centre of the house and the need to have a stay-at-home kitchen was born!

Responding to this need, designers created real dream-kitchens!

In Belgium there were a few well-known designers (Axel Vervoordt, Walda Pairon, Pieter Porters, Garnier,...) who designed desirable "must-have" kitchens.

Image 2 Walda Pairon http://www.waldapairon.com/

Image 3 Garnier via Beta Plus publication 500 Timeless Interiors HERE.

Image 4 Axel Vervoordt www.axel-vervoordt.com

Image 5 Pieter Porters http://www.houseofporters.com/

These designs were an inspiration to a lot of kitchen designers of today.

10 characteristics of Belgian Kitchen Design :

1. Flooring : Almost always the use of natural stone as all sorts of marble, Belgian

bluestone, terracotta tiles.

Image 6 Belgian bluestone for floor, counters and sink.
Image source AM Projects via http://www.cotemaison.fr/

Image 7 Belgian bluestone
Image source http://www.bourgondisch-kruis.be/

Image 8 Carrara marble for floor, counter and sink.
Image source www.rikstorms.com

Image 9 Terracotta tiles

Image source www.costermans-projecten.be

Image 10 Terracotta tiles (source unknown)

In certain houses we even see a parquet floor.

Image 11 Parquet floor

As noticed on the images above, the natural stone is used for counters and sinks.

Image 12 Rouge Belge marble for the counters and carrara marble floor.
Lefèvre Interiors

Image 13 Belgian Bluestone as flooring and as counters.
(source unknown)

Image 14 Bluestone for the sink.
(source unknown)

Image 15 : REMOVED

Image 16 Carrara marble (source unknown)

Image 17 Bluestone for the sink. (source unknown)

2. Wall tiling : There are two types of tiles often used : the Dutch Delft wall tiles and the Morrocan Zelige tiles.

The Dutch Delft tiles have beautiful colour nuances. They are produces since the 16 th century. We call them "Hollandse witjes".

Image 17 : REMOVED

The Moroccan Zelige tiles are handmade by Arabic craftsmen and are glazed with enamel.

Image 18 Dutch Delft wall tiles. (source unknown)

Image 19 Dutch Delft wall tiles.

Image 20 Dutch Delft wall tiles in my own kitchen.

Image 21 Red coloured Zelige tiles (source unknown)

Image 22 Green coloured Zelige tiles

3. Steel elements : The use of steel has become very popular in Belgium. It is used for doors, for windows, even applicated in cupboard doors.

Image 23 Steel windows and part of the inside doors.

image source : www.vanapers.be

Image 24 : REMOVED

Image 25 Steel used in cupboarddoors. (source unknown)

Image 26 Double door again. (source unknown)

Image 27 Steel cupboard doors

(image source www.costermans-projecten.be)

Image 28 : REMOVED

4. Furniture execution : Kitchen furniture can be executed in wood (mostly oak wood) or can be painted.

Painted or wood, almost all kitchens have a country looking design nowadays.

Image 29 Kitchen executed in oak wood.
Lefèvre Interiors

Image 30 Painted kitchen (source unknown)

Image 31 Combination of painted and wooden part. (source unknow)

Image 32 Wooden cabinetry
Image source www.bourgondisch-kruis.be

Image 33 Painted cabinetry

In a lot of these images, you can notice long centre tables which are called convent tables.

Image 34 Convent table (source unknown)

Image 35 I love the combinateion of that table and the swedish chairs.
Image source www.vanapers.be

Image 36 Another convent table (source unknown)

Image 37 The wooden bench is a nices alternative for chairs. (source unknown)

5. Lighting : There is paied a lot of attention choosing the right lighting!

Time that chandeliers were only used in the dining room is past! Now you can see the most beautiful specimens in the kitchen.

Image 38 Notice the convent table and the cutlery area in the cupboard. An amazing idea.
(source unknown)

Image 39 (source unknown)

Image 40 This is a picture of my kitchen. We have chosen an 18th century french oak convent table with 19th century french LXV chairs.
The floor is a carrara marble and is recuperated from the façade of an old Brussels house.
Lefèvre Interiors

Image 41 (source unknown)

Image 42 Notice the sconces with the chef's hat! (source unknown)

Image 43 The oak execution and the colour of the wallpaint match well!
image source http://www.costermans-projecten.be/

Image 44 A cristal chandelier (source unknown)

Image 45 : REMOVED

6. Curtains : Blinds, shades and long curtains. You can notice them all!

My preference of curtains are the shades. When walking in the castle of Axel Vervoordt you can see a lot of shades, we call it a "bouillonné" (french). It was there that I felt in love with these shades. See examples of a bouillonné on image 50, 51, 52 and 53.

Wonderful fabrics are chosen!

Image 46 Blinds

Image source www.garnier.be

Image 47 Straight blinds (source unknown)

Image 48 : REMOVED

Image 49 (source unknown)

Image 50 Bouillonné (source unknown)

Image 51 Bouillonné (source unknown)

Image 52 In my kitchen I choosed a fabric from Brunschwig & Fils for the bouillonné.
Lefèvre Interiors

Image 53 Bouillonné (source unknown)

7. Stoves : When it comes to enjoy good food at home, there is the need to use well-known cookers as La Canche, La Cornue or Aga.

Image 54 La Canche (source unknown)

Image 55 Aga
Lefèvre Interiors

Image 56 In my kitchen, we choosed a La Cornue cooker.

Image 57 A cooker of a mark that I do not know.
Image source www.vanapers.be

8. Fire places : settled in!

Image 58 A big fire place.
image source www.vanapers.be

Image 59 : REMOVED

Image 60 So cosy!!!
Image source www.portebonheur.be

Image 61

Image 62
Image source www.vanapers.be

9. Kitchen hoods : Are eye-catchers! A lot of variety is seen! In wood,stone or plaster.

Image 63 One of my preferences. (source unknown)

Image 64 (source unknown)

Image 65 : REMOVED

Image 66 (source unknown)

10. Tablescaping : Last but not least is the wonderful tablescaping that Belgians are that good at! They love beautiful table-linen and napkins. And they do use their most precious crockery and glassware, even for kitchen tablescaping.

Image 67 (source unknown)

Image 68 (source unknown)

Image 69 My table with damask table-cloth.

So now I piloted you through my 10 characteristics of Belgian kitchen designs and to finish I show you a few images of a kitchen executed by my own company Lefèvre Interiors .

The kitchen is not finished at all but I do like the atmosphere of homes "in-the-make" and here you can see images of the recently build-up of that kitchen.

I do hope to show you within a few weeks the finishing part of it ,if the owners allow me to do!

Some of my clients do not appreciate to have their interior going around the world and I have to respect their wishes.