Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here are a few little tidbits I am inspired by this week. I think it's the colours and the patterns and the wonderful mix of things I am loving!! The multi coloured floral fabric is one which we will be using in our windows soon at the shop....I love the little pops of orange in this fabric!! We will also be hanging the pink peony fabric in the bottom image in our front windows at Black & Spiro in coming weeks {this fabric is so me!!}. Oh and also in the bottom image you can see my absolute favourite Nina Campbell candles which we also sell at Black & Spiro!!

image 1 -
amy homey's photostream @ flickr, image 2 - bella foster artist, 3 & 4 - marie claire maison, image 5 - fabric from black & spiro, image 6 via that chair has buttons, image 7 via that chair has buttons