Monday, September 21, 2009

Glorious Plaid and the Scottish Tartan - Clan Pride

I am a huge fan of plaid. But it needs to be
the right plaid to suit me...When I think of
plaid, I think of the Scottish tartans and clan
pride since each clan had it's own color and
design. I also think of decor in Scotland and
Ireland where plaid is often used in home and
castle decor (not that I can afford one.)

I really like the room above from the Ralph
Lauren collection because of the walls. The
entire wall is covered in plaid which I've is
quite luxurious. It makes me think of a
library or a gentleman's club.

The use of plaid in this guest bedroom is just
perfect. The plaid perfectly complements the
rustic nature of the room with the gorgeous
ceiling beams and wood floors.

Here plaid covers the table and chairs. You'd
think using red would make you think of
Christmas but it really suits the space to give
it some life.

This is a more feminine plaid design which I adore
because you don't see many plaids in feminine colors.

This is one of the guest bedrooms for one of the past
HGTV dream houses. Covering all of the walls in fabric
is super luxurious and gives the room a really cozy feel.
It's the perfect place to settle in after a day in the snow.

Sometimes you don't need a lot of plaid to make a statement.
In this room, the only thing that is plaid is the bed covering.

These passport covers from Room Service
are a lot of fun.

I don't see a lot of furniture in plaid much less
a chair in a modern design. From Kenneth
Brown Designs.

Now That is a statement if I've seen one!

Alexander McQueen

There is a lot of plaid that is still used in modern wear.

Plaid is a lot of fun and definitely adds character.

Now that is a gorgeous ball gown. I adore
the fabric - the color and pattern are so

Tartan: Romancing the Plaid

I own a couple of books about plaid
myself since I like it so much. This
book is a lot of fun with plaid found
in fashion and in the home.

Here's a little peek at the inside of the book.

Tartans by Brian Wilton

This is the other book that is
loads of fun that centers around
plaid and tartans.

If you like plaid or tartan - definitely
check them out. In the meantime,
do you like plaid? Would you use
plaid in any of your decor?

Photos from Ralph Lauren, HGTV, Vivienne Westwood,
Country Living, Kenneth Brown Designs, Room Service,
Country Living UK.