Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Passion for Beach Hats Part 2

I have talked about my passion for beach hats before. You may recall that post where I talked about my love of using hats as decoration, especially in a beach house. Here are a few more images I have been collecting which may inspire you to use hats as decoration also.

I am hoping to purchase a lovely hat this Summer to add to my collection. If I am successful I may need to purchase another vintage hat block as my 2 other hat blocks are becoming a little overloaded. As a tide me over I recently resorted to placing a few of my hats on top of a vase I have on our table at Straddie as below.

Maybe I should consider a lovely hat rack for the wall as an alternative as I think Brad & Harry might be getting a little overwhelmed with all the hats piling up on the table!!

image 1 - tom scheerer, image 2 - toast, image 3 - anna spiro, image 4 - tom scheerer