Tuesday, September 8, 2009

London Interior Designer David Carter and 40 Winks ~ Not your Average Boutique Hotel

When I found this boutique hotel called 40 Winks, I
must say I was absolutely enchanted by the decor.
40 Winks is probably the world's smallest boutique
hotel as it only offers 2 versatile rooms for customers.
40 Winks is actually the home of David Carter.

I think the moody walls above are to die for!

David Carter is an immensely talented interior designer
based in London. He opened 2 rooms of his historical but
elegant four story Queen Anne town home built in 1717
so staying at 40winks is almost like being one David
Carter's guests. Rooms in his home are often leased for
fashion and style shoots. Because he rarely uses these
two guest rooms, he has opted to use them for 40Winks

I totally fell in love with his chic but eclectic blend of
east and west. 40 Winks is located in Stepney Green
in East London. The house is just a four minute walk
from the Stepney Green underground station.

109 Mile End Road, Stepney Green
London E1 4UJ

It's so cool how he the windows have an
oriental pattern to them.

I love the illustration of the Chinese mandarin
on the wall against the black lacquered walls.

David Carter holds events at his home called
Bedtime Stories where pajamas are compulsory.
Bedtime Story events include an evening of stories,
wine and reading. It sounds like a fantastic way
of meeting new people and spending a civilized

If you're curious about his events, check out this
great interview with David Carter by the London

I could never own a piece like this but
I can sure dream!

I've always loved the Union Jack - it's a nice touch.

40Winks does offer a full continental breakfast but no
lunch or dinner. Guests can make themselves comfortable
in the kitchen for tea or coffee. What a rustic kitchen!

Even the hallways are lovely with floor to
ceiling wood paneling in David Carter's

Here is the first of the 2 rooms available at 40 Winks.
this room features a single bed with a small writing desk
and goes for£65 per night or £390 per week (which is a
steal in London). The rooms do not have any televisions
in them but there is a common room that has a T.V. with
a dvd collection that is available for use.

Love the striping on the walls.

Here's the small but pretty writing desk.

The 2nd room is much larger and can be used for photo
shoots as well. This room features a double bed and goes
for £80 per night or £470 per week or £95 per night or
£560 per week for two people sharing.

The room has a lot of character.

With clean and crisp linens...

And of course, wonderful decor.

I'm saving the best for last - it's the
guilded bathroom.

Get a load of this bathroom with a wonderful
tub! The walls have such a wonderful patina
on them. David Carter can really create mood
and fantasy in his home.

If you are in London, I would definitely check
40 Winks out.

Photos from 40 Winks