Friday, September 4, 2009

Open doors at Garnier Antiques

Past Sunday we went to the opening of the new showroom of the antique dealers Brigitte and Alain Garnier, at Damme near Bruges.
I can tell you the new location is gorgeous!
About 10 years ago Brigitte and Alain bought the old farm house and for several years they worked very hard on it! They restored the house with passion and with respect for authenticity.
Their new home looks fantastic. They can be very proud of the result!

I know Brigitte and Alain for a long time and every time I go to visit them , I'm always surprised of all the gorgeous antique pieces and of the amazing decoration talent of Brigitte.

That's why today I really love to share some wonderful images of their house and antiques!
But please, go to visit their website and you will discover a wide range of antique items. Brigitte and Alain even have a wonderful home collection to present.
So if you are interested in one of their items, don't hesitate to contact them. They are used to ship around the world!

Congratulations to you, Brigitte and Alain!

Wonderful plants and flowers around the house.

A refreshing welcome.

My husband is enjoying the garden.

Beautiful oak garden table.

Inside their home.
The living room.

Librairy and sitting corner.

One of my favorite's : a 19th century french duchesse brisée in walnut.

The breakfast corner in the kitchen.

Wonderful LXV armchairs.

A tripod stool used as a sidetable.

A LXV daybed in walnut.

18th Century settee in walnut.

Notice the old recuperation parquet floor in the kitchen.

Wooden mortars.

I like this view of the kitchen!

Beautiful kitchen items where you even can put your garden spices in.
Good idea!

Makes our mouth water...

Another magnificent view of the kitchen.

Look at this beautiful door!

Table and armchair : a wonderful combination.

The outbuilding used as an orangerie!

Inside of the outbuilding!
Wouldn't you sit here in wintertime, reading a good book?

Wonderful stair.

Antique jars and chinese vases.

Can you imagine to see all those wonderful items!

Chinese oil lamps.

Another view of the showroom.

Another group of oil lamps.

A Spanish mountain table.

A Dutch painted cabinet from the 18th century.

And again oil lamps! I love them!

Beautiful colour of these mortars!

I love the atmosphere in that corner of the showroom.

Os de mouton chairs.

Winetable in pine.

Again a wonderful corner!

The Italian 17th century armoire is one of a pair!

The kitchen corner in the showroom!
Notice that chandelier!

Some kitchen items.

Look at these bowls!

These sconces are wonderful.

My favorite bench!
This North-Italian Cassapanca is one of a pair!
18th century. In its original colour.

Detail of the cassapanca.

Me, sitting on a pine hall bench, relishing all the wonderful things I saw today!

A dog sculpture used as a doorstop.

Pottery with hyndrangeas at the barn.

An exterior still life.

I love this outbuilding with its beautiful steel door and windows!

Alain and Brigitte Garnier.

I hope you will all visit the site of Garnier Antiques.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Images : Garnier, Greet