Saturday, March 6, 2010

All things Belgian


Essentiel is one of my favorite Belgian fashion brands.

The people behind the in 1999 created label are the Belgian couple Inge Onsea and Esfandiar Eghtessadi from Antwerp.

Essentiel offers a variety of styles, ranging from very casual to elegant.


Logo E

Click on logo to visit the Essentiel website.


Foto 1 

Foto 4

Foto 2

Foto 3

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Summer collection 2010


If you want to meet Inge Onsea, the woman behind the label, watch the video of the 10 years existence  party of Essentiel.


Inge Onsea

Click on picture of Inge Onsea to watch the video  “Woman behind the label” = “De vrouw achter het merk”(= Dutch).


Scapa is another Belgian label. You will discover Scapa Fashion and Scapa Home


Logo SF

Click on logo to visit the Scapa Fashion website.


Foto 8

Foto 6

My favorite!!!


Foto 7

Foto 9

All images Scapa Fashion website.

Summer collection 2010.



Logo SH

Click on logo to visit the Scapa Home website.


Foto 10

Scapa Home furniture and decoration.

Foto 17

Scapa Home bed linen

Foto 16 Scapa Home furniture

Foto 12

Scapa Home household linen

Foto 15 Scapa Home scents

Foto 14

Scapa Home outdoor furniture

All images Scapa Home website.


Sweet Coffee is one of my favorite Belgian music groups.

One of their songs I love is titled “Special Kind of Feeling”. I included the video of that song here.

Sweet Coffee “Special Kind of Feeling”



I wish you all a wonderful weekend!