Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog Browsing

Hiding from the rain - via Moodboard {allure magazine}

A great pink sofa - via the Neo-traditionalist

A pretty cluster wall at Kate Spade - via Delight by Design

LV Balloons - via My Little Paris Blog via Pink Lemonade

Old glass bottles filled with flowering branches via Shelter via Fric and Frac

An original marble topped Victorian sink - via Moodboard

These days I am finding it harder and harder to put aside some time to spend reading my favourite blogs. Once upon a time there was only a handful of blogs I considered my favourite but these days there are just so many great ones out there I find it difficult to keep up!

Last night I spent a few hours trawling through back posts on some fantastic blogs I have recently stumbled across. I thought I would post a few things I loved from these blogs here today to end the week.

Maybe if this rain continues through the weekend I might just snuggle under the blankets and do some more blog browsing. My boys are away on a father/son trip so there should be lots of time for me this weekend!

See you next time.