Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Allyson's Moths

As seen in Vogue Living 2002

Our moth painting in our lounge room at home

The pair hanging in the Number 16 Hotel in London

I remember the first time I spotted one of Allyson Reynold's moth paintings. I was in my early 20's flipping through one of my mother's Vogue Living magazines. I have posted the exact picture I spotted at the top of this post. I immediately fell in-love with that painting and the room it was hung in.

A few years later my husband and I purchased one of Allyson's moth paintings and to this day I absolutely adore and treasure it. I am often asked about this painting. I believe that Allyson had a couple available at Doggett Street Gallery late last year however, I think they are a little hard to come by these days.

Kit Kemp selected a pair of Allyson's moths for her Number 16 hotel in London. It seems however that Kit has revamped Number 16 as I just checked out their website and the paintings are still there but the room is completely redecorated. I was thrilled to see she kept the moths in place.

Allyson currently has an exhibition at Doggett Street Gallery in Brisbane. Unfortunately it seems there's no moths in her latest works.