Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A charming Belgian B&B

Today I would love to introduce you to a very charming Belgian Bed & Breakfast, named Moka & Vanille.

To me this B&B is a typical example of what is named the Belgian style of today.


Foto 18 

A complete renewed farmhouse for this B&B.


Foto 17

This B&B is located in a typical Flemish surrounding with a panoramic view, meadows with a lot of trees.

The village is called Heusden-Zolder and is situated in the province of Limburg.

  Foto 1

The lady of the house,  Dorien Cooreman, is an interior designer, so she knew what she was doing when she decided to renovate and to decorate this hotel. For her beautiful B&B she designed a Belgian country styled interior.


Foto 8

Dorien loves to work with traditional made furniture as you can see on the pictures.

I might think that some of the furniture here, Dorien founds at the Belgian Company Malvini. I told you about Malvini in an earlier post (here).


Foto 16

On the two pictures here above you noticed the use of limepaint in the earthy colours = Belgian style characteristic.

A lot of wood (oak) not treated as the floor parquetry and the tabletop = Belgian style.

Plain linen upholstery = Belgian style.

Foto 4

Very well thought-out and unique decoration items ! No clutter! = Belgian style.


Foto 13

Even monotone coloured tableware . Ancient stone floor. Limepaint on the wall. Mix of ancient (floor) and contemporary (chair) elements. = Belgian style.


Foto 3

Use of warm, natural materials = Belgian style



Foto 5

To keep the background simple, colour is used to give an accent to a certain item. In this room the accent is given to the red flowers. = Belgian style.


Foto 15

Foto 6

Accentuated beamed ceilings. Steel window = Belgian style.



Foto 7

Quiet and montotone colours for the bedroom = Belgian style.

The bedlinen is designed by Dorien herself!

Visit her website www.moka-projects.com


Foto 9

Unpretentious antique furniture = Belgian style.


Foto 11

Beautiful farmhouse door in the bathroom! Notice the hardware = Belgian style.


Foto 12

Badrooms with tadelakt (more info here) technique on the walls = Belgian style.

Foto 10

If you want to spend some days  at Moka & Vanille  during your next trip to Belgium or for further information, please visit the website of the B&B  www.moka-vanille.com.

I hope you learned something more about Belgian design today!



Images : the Moka & Vanille website and the Magazine Eccentric november 2009 issue.