Monday, March 8, 2010

Romantic Rooms

I love romantic rooms.  Many romantic rooms employ the use of draped
 fabric.  This room has great contrast from its dark walls covered in dark
fabric with contrasting bright orange sheers that pool on the ground.  The
chandelier, table cloth and candlesticks help give it romantic feel.

Modern rooms can be romantic too.  The big factor in this room that makes
it more romantic are its textures - especially the large shag rug on the floor.

This living room is more traditionally romantic.  The painted trees and
birds really make a statement and beautiful focal point in the room.

Outside of texture, color palette can be a big influence on how romantic a
room feels.  You're certainly not going to feel as romantic with a palette of
yellow and gray as you would with mauves and plums.

This room is a shocking pink.  Once could say
that it is Romanticism with a modern twist.

Now here's an elegant and romantic bathroom with it's shell chandelier and
creams and whites.  There's a curious pop of wildness in the zebra rug but
overall, it's a very spacious and spa like bathroom.

Aaah white.  It's back to those sheer curtains -
a sure fire way to create a romantic space.

Hope this has given you some inspiration to
bring some romance into your rooms.

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