Monday, March 22, 2010

A Wisconsin Beauty - Gorgeous Colors in an Updated English Country Style

Isn't the curb appeal on this home just out of this world?  The landscaping
and lines of the home are just perfect.  The green of the grass with the
whites of the house together are very soothing to the eye.

The home was designed by Andre Walker and David Simmons of
Walker Simmons Design.  The color palette and the way it is balanced in
this room is just amazing.  How many Chocolate brown and salmon rooms
have you seen lately?  The textures in this room really add another
dimension and coziness to it.  It looks like the perfect room to snuggle up
in on a cold winter day.

All off the dog and horse pictures solidify a theme in the
 room.  It reminds me of an updated English Country style.

There's no rule that you can't mix pattern on pattern.  They
 really pull it off in this bedroom with florals, plaids and more.

The bathroom is very luxruious with traditional bead
boarding paired with high end marble.

What an awesome kitchen with traditional pulls in an updated nickel
color.  I love all of the white against the soothing green on the walls.
The wood floors give the kitchen an organic feel to it.  Simply gorgeous.

What do you think of this updated English Country look?

Photos from Traditional Home