Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fabric, Patterns and more Fabric!

I recently discovered a fabulous fabric store through a friend of mine.
You could literally lose time and spend hours browsing it (I'm telling
you I did!)  The vast array of designs, patterns and colors are just 
wonderful.  You can order many of the fabrics in different weights
 depending on what you plan to do with the fabric.

I must admit that I got carried away - here is a tiny sampling of what 
I found on the site SpoonFlower.com

The above is sort of a steam punkish cello pattern that comes in 
more than one color.  Love it!

Here's a bookstore fabric pattern.

I love this whimsical fabric.

It's loads of fun.

Air mail anyone?

How about vintage looking stamps?

An owl mural?

Or a gray and white owl pattern?  The ruler on the side is to 
give one an idea of the scale of the owls on the fabric.

This chairs one is so fun!


Here's a great owl pattern for a nursery.

Love the colors in this one.

At first I thought these were colorful prayer flags but they are
more like colorful quilt fabric pieces.

What a pretty color scheme.

Talk about vivid sea life and colors.

Gothic anyone?

Although this fabric is darker, I love the drama 
of it.  If you enjoyed any of these fabrics, check
out the site SpoonFlower.com

As many of you know, I just can't resist a fantastic
book and I just love that this book covers only 
projects that require a yard fabric - genius.  Now
you can find ideas for those fabric scraps!

 Amy Butler is well known for her midcentury modern 
decor and fabrics.  This book focuses on fabric centered

And for those of you who have young ones or who have
baby showers coming up, this is a great book for sewing
projects for little ones.

Photos from SpoonFlower