Friday, October 1, 2010

I Love October

I must admit I love October for a few reasons. My birthday falls very early in October along with my husband's birthday which falls a few days after mine so there's always lots of giving and receiving for us in October...Even at 33 I still love getting presents in bed on the morning of my Birthday!!

I always seem to get a bit of a personal decorating bug in October. I think it has something to do with the pending emails from suppliers advising of their upcoming pre-Christmas order cut-off dates. The thought of them closing their books for the year without a few little tidbits for home makes me a bit demented. Every night this week I've trawled a boot-load of fabric samples home for consideration and let me tell you I'm not really the most popular person in our house at the moment as every time one of the boys walks past the lounge room I ask...."And what about this fabric?" They are completely over it.

I also love the buzz of clients at this time of year as they too recognize the fact that if they don't make a decision now then it will be all over red rover until next year.

The other thing I like about October is the weather and all the flowering gardens around the place. Even just driving into work is a pleasure as flowers are blooming everywhere. The Jacaranda trees are also just starting to bloom which puts a beautiful purplish haze over Brisbane.

There are just so many lovely things to enjoy in October starting this weekend. We must also recognize that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. For more information visit the National Breast Cancer website here. Mrs Blandings always posts pink in October so here's a little hint of pink above from a pink girl through and through.

Happy October Everyone!

image 1 - source uknown, image 2 - source unknown, image 3 - anna spiro, image 4 via moodboard blog {please let me know if anyone knows the source of images 1 & 2 and I will link back accordingly}