Friday, October 15, 2010

Mary McDonald's Interiors - Color Intense

This post is totally prompted by Mary McDonald's book on her 
interior designs by publisher Rizzoli (they always publish stunning
coffee books with gorgeous photos - can't go wrong with them.)  

I highly recommend this book for color inspiratin as Mary McDonald
is one of my favorite designers.  She has such a genius for mixing
colors and traditional interiors.
The following is just a sampling of her many many design projects
that she has completed over the years. 

I'm sure many of have seen this gorgeous office before.  
Inspired by the signature color of Tiffany's, Mary McDonald's
office has been published and posted about countless times.
It is one of the prettiest offices I've ever seen.

Here's another iconic room by McDonald that has been posted
about everywhere.  The colors and the wallpaper are to die for.

This gorgeous dressing room is straight out of the pages
of the book.  It's every girl's dream dressing room!  All 
it needs is a tea set in the room.

Talk about a dramatic entrance.  Now that's a way
to use pink - don't be shy and go all out.

 Many people know of McDonald's traditional style 
with a twist of color - but she can also do modern.

Love the color palette for this modern design.

A black and white dining nook.

 A brilliant hallway and wall with bright pops of orange.
The orange goes perfectly with the Zebra brown pattern
and light blue drapes and walls.

 Mary McDonald bedrooms are simply dreamy.  A bed that
one wants to jump into is guaranteed along with drama and

 The beds are usually the focal point in her rooms.  The floor 
detailing on the side of the room is unique. 

Definitely didn't forget the drama in this room with red walls!
The white tones the intense colors down and sumptuous fabrics
are used through out the room.

 Talk about a romantic chinoise four poster canopy bed.  I have no
idea where she found this bed, but it's absolutely gorgeous.

 I love the floral panels in the back with a bed that doubles as a 
super luxurious lounging area complete with canopy.

Another look at the same room.  Notice the detailing of the painted ceiling.
McDonald never forgets to pay attention to ceilings.  She has such a way
of pulling all the different elements together.

 Red is such a bold and dramatic color.  It is very easy to muck up a room that 
has a large amount of a powerful color like red in it.  Mary McDonald strikes
just the right balance.

A highly popular romantic bedroom that I've seen many times.  
It's easy to see why this bedroom is popular - it has all neutral
colors - but done up in a chic and posh way without sacrificing
any comfort.  It looks like what a bedroom should be - a sanctuary.

Such beautiful details...

The Allure of Style

If you like what you see in Mary McDonald's rooms,
I highly recommend this book.  It has tons of inspirans.
There is something for everyone - the details she puts 
in her rooms are just amazing.