Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Flowery Weekend

My weekend was filled with flowers. Everywhere I looked there were pretty flowers. I picked up some beautiful natives from my friend Phoebe Stephens on Saturday which I arranged in a glass vase on our entry chest of drawers and yes that is a glass of wine you can see in the corner of the picture below. After such a huge week last week I decided a few lovely glasses of wine were in order this weekend.

Whilst driving to Phoebe Stephens I drove past D.I.G. garden shop on James street and spotted a fabulous galvanised tub filled with geraniums. I couldn't resist it. I pulled over and snatched it up. It looks so pretty on the old white table on our front verandah.

One of the most exciting parts of my weekend was spotting these gorgeous little orchids growing in a crevise in our big old Jacaranda tree in our front garden. These along with the delicious cherry tomatoes we are growing make me so excited about having a garden!