Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Look of Interior Designer Jamie Herzlinger

I recently discovered the interior designer Jamie Herzlinger
and she has some absolutely fantastic designs in her portfolio.
She's very versatile and has offices in Arizona and NYC.  I 
really loved her bold use of color and modern sensibility with 
traditional elements in this home.

Lots of texture and pattern in this room.  I especially love
the wall treatment and soft mauve color scheme.  It's such
a great neutral.

What's really great is that Jamie isn't just an interior
designer, she also has a general contracting license.

I'm totally drooling over this chair - I adore
the color and it's in velvet!

 Talk about a sumptuous bathroom!  The bath tub
has an amazing shape and the floors are simply 

Of course there is a separate shower.

What a great focal point for a hallway.

 Again, love the floors! The black outline against
the white has a Hollywood Regency sort of feel
to it.  With the marble, it's very classy.


Although these two rooms are completely 
different colors, the transition is very smooth.

The orange desk is a statement piece in the room.

What high ceilings in this room. 
Love the pattern of the carpet.

She seems to use different colors in each room but none of
it clashes.  It's fun and interesting.  Get a load of how long 
the couch is!

This house has 2 kitchens (as if 1 isn't enough.) 
But fabulous isn't it?  White marble is always
so classic.  

Granted there are some really nice granite colors 
but in general I am so over granite.  Most condos and 
track homes seem to pick these super ugly or granite 
colors that you see over and over again.  Give me 
marble, polished concrete, onyx, high polished wood 
or quartz...  There are so many choices out there.

Jaime seems to have knack for designing really
beautiful floors.  The large scale pattern for the
floor of this kitchen is great.

 You can see more of the floor here paired with
Lucite chairs.

This seems to be the second kitchen and I must
say that I love the color palette paired with the
checkered floor.

Love the modern, high sheen look of the cabinets.

A colorful and eclectic dining room - totally down my alley.

 It just so happens that this house is for sale.  So any
favorite rooms or elements for you in this house?

 Photos from Jamie Herzlinger's site