Friday, June 4, 2010

The brilliant idea of Kevin Reilly

I noticed that a lot of interior designers and decorators love to work with the Kevin Reilly lighting, even here in Belgium.

And indeed as you can see on the pictures here in this post, the collection of Kevin Reilly can be used in a contemporary even as in a classic interior.

I know that a lot amongst you are already familiar with this beautiful lighting, but for those who don’t, I want to say a few words about the designer Kevin Reilly, who became famous through his innovative creations.

Mister Reilly, who lives in Alabama, had the brilliant idea to use wax candles with electricity fixtures! Within the candle he brought in a special lamp who doesn’t make the wax melt. The electrical wax candles are used as sconces, chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps. Or even used as outdoor lighting.

Every creation is handcrafted. Kevin Reilly succeeded in combining the artisanal method with the practical aspect and the advantages of modern technology.

Kevin Reilly has designed lights for celebrities and designers and his creations are known around the world by now.

More to see of this lighting at

Kevin Reilly 1


Kevin Reilly 7 2.

Kevin Reilly 3 3.

Kevin Reilly 12 4.

Kevin Reilly 13 5.

Kevin Reilly 11


Kevin Reilly 15


Kevin Reilly 4


Kevin Reilly 14 9.

Kevin Reilly 17


Kevin Reilly 10 11.

Kevin Reilly 8


Kevin Reilly 18


Kevin Reilly 19 14.

Kevin Reilly 16 15.

Kevin Reilly 2


Kevin Reilly 6 17.

Kevin Reilly 9


Kevin Reilly 5


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