Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion Illustration as Art - Anne Wainscott

For art and design to hang up on walls, I've always adored water colors 
and fashion illustration.  Some designers frame vintage magazine covers
as well.  In this post, I wanted to focus on one particular fashion illustrator
called Anne Wainscott. 

There is currently an exhibit in Cincinnati called "Inspired by Anne" based
on the illustrations of Anne Wainscott put on by Landor Associates through
July.  Different illustrations by Anne are being showcased through out the
the old Shillito’s Department store buildling.

The illustration above is one of my favorites by Anne Wainscott - it mixes
two of my favorite mediums - Fashion Illustration and water color art.

Anne Wainscott is an extraordinary womanshe was a fashion illustrator for local newspapers and department stores from 1920-1970. Before the 1970’s and during the height of Ms. Wainscott’s career, the responsibility of a fashion illustrator was integral to the publishing and advertising worlds until photography became a more widely accepted medium.

It just so happens that one of the department stores that Anne used to illustrate for was Shillito’s Department store (now condos and offices), is where Landor currently houses its 125 employees.                                                                                                         

What's funny is that lately, my latest curiosity has to buy several old replicas 
of Sears & Roebuck catalogs around the turn of the century.  The catalogs
are a fascinating glimpse into the life back then and how much things cost.
The catalog is full of drawn illustrations - probably exactly like the ones that
Anne Wainscott drew.

 I love how colorful and artistic her series of hat illustrations are.

If you love fashion illustrations too, you should check out this book
the sketches and illustrations of many top designers.

Photos from Landor Associates