Monday, June 7, 2010

Riad Fes in Fez, Morocco - More Gorgeous Moorish Architecture

Many of you are aware of my love of Moorish architecture.  My latest 
installment of Moorish architecture comes from Fez, Morocco where the
fabulous Riad Fes is located.  Riad Fes is a part of the Relais Chateaux 
group which is synonymous with luxury and the creme of the crop.  To 
give you an idea, The Orient Express rail group is also a part of this 
prestigious club.  As you can see above, the entrance courtyard to Riad
Fes is absolutely stunning.

Here it is during the day time.  When I see this courtyard, I feel a sense 
of calm and cleanliness.  Somewhere a little out of this world.

The inner courtyard is what a very luxurious 
yet traditional Riad might look like.

Here it is lit up at night.  The intricate tiles and 
motifs in the arches are just gorgeous.

This 8 pointed star is a very common shape
in Moroccan or Moorish architecture.

A closer look at the dipping pool shows gorgeous 
tree motifs on the wall of tiles.

No Riad is complete without a roof top terrace.  The 
views from this terrace are absolutely breathtaking.

An aerial view of the grand courtyard.

Another breathtaking view of the walled Medina.

Every room and space in the Riad is very tastefully decorated.

Love the use of the Venetian styled mirrors on the wall.

Love the dark colored motif in this room.

It's stately and elegant.

Each room boasts different color schemes, layouts and decor.

Each bathroom is also designed to match the room.  Every thought
of what a black Moroccan motif bathroom might look like?  Here 
it is paired with silver leaf which is a fine combination, I might add.

Here is something a little more traditional and homey.

Or perhaps a suite would suit you better - one with ultra tall ceilings.

And of course a luxurious bathroom.

If you enjoyed this tour or love Moroccan design as well, you should
definitely check out this book:  Architecture & Design Library - Moroccan 
Style I haven't done a post on Moroccan furniture yet but adore Moroccan 
sofas and tables.