Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Tour of a Gorgeous Home and Backyard - London Chic

I hope everyone had a fantastic 3 day weekend!

I love the different color stories in this chic London home.  Every room
in this home has a fireplace which is fabulous.  Sometimes, it's hard enough
to find a house with even one fireplace.  It's actually quite an eclectic room,
 but one doesn't really notice because of how well it's tied together with the
color palette.  You've got a wicker bed with a midcentury modern dresser and
two gorgeous ornate gold mirrors.

Here's another view of the room.

Let's go back to the beginning and start at the entrance of this
wonderful home.  It's interesting how the designers put two 
skinny lamps on the radiator (radiator is used almost like a 
super slim console table with an over sized mirror on top.

A look into the sitting room.

The cozy sitting room is nice and bright with 
neutral colors for the walls and drapes.

This home is interesting because it has a sitting area and a 
living room next to each other.  No television in either room.

On we go to the kitchen which has clean lines and a 
simple off white color palette with an open dining area.

I love the different fabrics and patterns on the 
chairs as well as the over sized painting.

The wallpaper in this bedroom is just stunning.  Notice the railing 
high up on the wall - not a chair rail.  There's no rule against putting
railing like this higher on the wall - it draws the eye upwards.

Another look at the same room.

Isn't this a light and spacious bathroom and vanity area?
I adore bathrooms with lots of lighting and it is unusual
to have such large windows in a bathroom.  This room 
was probably made to be a bedroom but was made into 
a bathroom instead - just brilliant.

 A closer look at the wallpaper.

This house as a fantastic backyard.

Isn't the space just dreamy?  Like a secret garden.

What a great area to have a friend over to have tea with and hang out. 

If you enjoyed this tour and are looking for any books about
homes in London, this might be a good one to check out: 

Hope you enjoyed this tour.  Which room was your favorite
and why?

Photos by 1st Option London