Monday, June 28, 2010

More Small Space Living Inspirations - Color Me Small!

This small 228 sq ft apartment in Los Angeles is designed by L.A. 
based interior designer Kenneth Brown.  Kenneth Brown is a very
talented and established designer in southern California.

He really shows what you can do in such a small space and how
one can really punch it up with fun colors and patterns.

When you have a tiny space, to keep obstructions to a minimum and
to make a space look more open, Brown advises not to purchase any
furniture with arms.  It's a great piece of advice that visually makes
total sense in a small space. 

Again, this chair has no arms and the console doubles as a desk.

Ken took wall paper rolls and just hung them up on a wall to give 
more visual interest.  It doesn't get simpler than that to give a room
a punch of color.

Keep the shelves skinny and to a minimum.  Here, picture shelves are
used so there is a place to put up photos with the shelves not taking up
much space.

When you have a small space, it's all about function.  Function, Function,
and more Function.  In this case, this ottoman can also serve as storage

A great way to hide away things without needing a door that swings out
is to use curtains.  Ken added a patterned curtain on on the inside for 
additional color - lots of fun!

The Bar (Crate and Barrel) serves a dual purpose as the TV stand as well.
Wouldn't have thought to use a bar as a TV stand - but why not indeed?

In the small dining area, armless faux bamboo chairs are used.  You can
also throw seat cushions with color and pattern on if you want.

Here's another great book for ideas when it comes to living 
in small spaces.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of this small
228 sq feet apartment.  Amazing what you can do in such a
small space.

Photos from Better Homes & Garden